Cheers to 2011!

2011 is just a few hours away! I do hope that everyone is now preparing their yummy feast that will be wolfed down in a snap. Since this is the last day before the great 2010 ends, I would like to thank my readers (I hope you guys grow in number heeee), those who attend our events (please attend MORE), the awesome and kind bloggers out there (you know who you are!), the pig in my heart, my superb friends, and everyone else in my life! 2010 wouldn't have been a crazy yet enjoyable rollercoaster ride without all of you.

Before the clock strikes 12 I will raise a glass for YOU, because you are such an awesomesauce. <3

*toot* yeaaaah 2011 HERE WE GO!

gold neck bib (self-sewn/made) | corset (Topshop) | tiered skirt (H&M) | lace stockings (Forever 21) | 522 wedges (Virtual Mae)


  1. Cheers Jeje Judd! Bagong taon na, bayaran mo na utang mo sakin na layout! E He He He

  2. Happy New Year to you! :)