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From my awkward high school years until early university, my hair was just plain boring- long, straight, thick. My mom would always tell me that boys like straight long hair so I shouldn't cut my hair short. Gullible me, I believed my mom for quite a while.

If you want to see how long my hair was before, never mind!

So sophomore year in university was a tad bit crazy for me- I cut my hair little by little. I would take a trip to the salon every 2 weeks or so, have a bit of a trim. I had to repeat the whole cycle until my hair reached to my shoulders- I didn't want to shock my locks with just one hair cut.

Then finally, I had my hair snipped to a pob - Posh Spice y'all! For years I wore that hairstyle in different lengths and angles. It became my trademark.


Friend 1: Nasan si Trixie? (Where's Trixie?)

Friend 2: Yun o, yun may tagilid na maikling buhok! (There, the one with the slant short hair!)

Last week, I had this cray-cray idea to have my hair trimmed but with.. FULL BANGS.

Yes! Like Lady Gaga. Full front bangs that are screaming. I actually just came from the salon to achieve that look and voila!!

I really do look like Melon-head Lolcat but if you want more proof, here it is!

I'm really not yet ready to kiss my trademark bob goodbye, but I need a breather from my usual do. I gotta live up to the "outrageously kooky" description written on my Facebook profile. So what say you about my do?


  1. Always am, always will be.

  2. Woot! You fulfilled my fantasy! Haha ;)) At least now we do not have the same cut, haha I can never rock that =)))

    I dunno if I can rock this because I really look like a Lolcat.

  4. Bagay naman. Wag ka lang sisimangot, pag ganon mo magiging kamukha si Melon-head Lolcat. (Melon ba yun?)

  5. Theynkshu! :)
    Sabi ng Icanhazcheezburger, Melon daw yun nasa ulo ng badtrip na lolcat.

  6. You look mushroom fab babe! =)

  7. Thanks dear! Stylish mushroom nyahaha

  8. cute like the melon-head cat! hehe

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