Kickin' It Old School

Weeks ago my closet crumbled, resulting to a big big pile of creased clothes. I had to put them back in their proper places. I got my "super fixin' swag" on so I took out all my 5-10 year old clothes (yes I still keep some of them) and segregated each to either keep, give away, or throw.

As I was rummaging through the pile, I saw my old jazz pants from waaaaaay back High School. I think I used it for tights replacement during my ballet classes. I thought it won't fit me anymore because, come on, I was thinner back then! Although jazz pants are made of stretchy material, I was pretty sure it wouldn't fit me anymore.


I tried it on and look...!

handkerchief top | jazz pants | gold layer necklace (Girl Shoppe) | bootie wedges (Asian Vogue)


It still fits me! YAY! The length doesn't look right but whatever- I think it really looks good! Say yes, say yes!

PS: Sorry for the "bleached" photo.


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  1. Well I'm glad you found a reason to keep