St. Paddy's is done again, and so is my birth day! I was actually looking forward to celebrating it since it's my "Welcome to the Legal World" Day. Apparently, I had to celebrate my birthday wanting to go to bed with a woozy head. More on that later..

BUT FIRST! This is what I wore during my birthday dinner with my mini family:

gold neckpiece (Girl Shoppe) | vintage lace dress | socks (Forever 21) | flats (Aldo)


So going back, Tim visited MNL (again) for Nuffie work duties. We decided to grab a drink on the eve of my birthday because it's his last night in MNL, plus to welcome my celebration.

We had drinks and some really weird liquid stuff (NOT CONSIDERED GOOD ALCOHOL). Come midnight, we were all sloshed and juiced. How sloshed? Look.


Yeah we're smashed like that n*gg*! Had to block my face and Tim's to save ourselves from humiliation. This photo sums up what happened during the night. The next day, I woke up to a big fat hangover. Not really the worst but you really don't want to be celebrating your birthday with a wobbly head, right?

So there goes my birthday. Thank you to all those who greeted, who gave stuff, who fed me with cake, who took my sloshed self home, and the guards who watched over my lonely car. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOMESAUCE! <3


PS: Never drink Slammers from Pier One. You don't know what they put in them highball glasses.


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