Forever21 VIP Launch in SM Makati

Finally, Forever21 launched its second branch in MNL!

Yesterday was Forever21's VIP Launch at SM Makati. As expected, it was jampacked with chica guests! I was greeted with this tiny thing when I stepped in to the concourse area.

Forever21 is launching their credit card- tied up with BDO! Now you can shop 'til you drop without worrying about the big stash of cash in your purse.

Going back to the launch, I was quite impressed with the new branch's space. Apparently, the new Forever21 store took up the old Girls' Teen Wear section of the SM Department Store. I was expecting it to be small! But no, they gave the shopping gremlins 2,000 square meters of fashion playground space. AWESOMESAUCE.


Expect a lot of chic clothes..


Towering heels...

Hi Shar and Phane! :)


More cute clothes (plus friendly staff!)

and super pretty chandeliers. I love this F21 branch because of the high ceiling and sparkling lights. It reminds me so much of the Times Square Forever21!


Saw a lot of familiar faces, including cutie patootie Tin Iglesias! BANGS 4 EVAAAH lol


During the  launch, the brand ambassadors were presented to the guests.

from L-R: Marketing Manager Jane Kingsu-Cheng; Brand Ambassadors Danah & Stacy Gutierrez, David Guison, Patricia Prieto, Lissa Kahayon, Tricia Gosingtian, Angelica Schmeing-Cruz


Also, the pieces inside the store were modeled on stage- sort of a preview to excited shoppers on what's inside the store!


As soon as the store gate (?) re-opened for the private shopping period, I rushed in to get harem pants plus other small items. Everyone was so eager to get in! Check out the shopping herd.


Thank you and a big congratulations to Jane! We are eternally grateful for Forever21 on Philippine shores.

Forever21 SM Makati opens today! I hope you guys lined up really early and got free GCs. It's gonna get crazy!


PS: Shen's "date". Wakekeke :P




  1. grabe talaga my taste in men! :) yummy!!!

  2. IKR! Umm.. Pwede pashare? Lol!