Rio Mints x SoFA

Rio Mints, one of the new mint brands in the market, launched their two new flavors- Juicy Lychee and Peach Jasmine. With the efforts of the School of Fashion and the Arts (SoFA) students of Amina Aranaz, the Rio Mints flavors were brought to life through fashion!

The first time I tried Rio Mints was when a Nuffie handed it to me. I clearly remember it was Pink Grapefruit! I loved the stylish case, so I kept it for my bobby pin container. I finished the Pink Grapefruit in a matter of days! It was very yummy and refreshing.

I got so excited to know and see the new flavors of Rio Mints! It was a bonus for my eyes when I learned that SoFA students did a collab with the brand at Robot Resto Lounge. I mean, its Rio Mints plus SoFA students in Robot- how fab could it get?


Look, they had Rio Mints all over the place! Free mints on your way in Robot, and Rio Mints photos all over the walls!


I spy Philippe Starck! Hehe :)


Bianca Valero hosted the launch, together with Rio Mints business manager Joni Ong. After giving away iPod items (too bad I didn't get any, boo), the garments of the SoFA students were showcased in a brief fashion show.

Here are my top picks!


I love the color play on this piece.


This is what I adore!  I love the back detail! Wish I had a closer shot.


Here's a short clip of the fashion show finale:


Oh, and I bumped into my cutesy former schoolmate, Valorie!

photo from Valorie


I also met bloggers Meryl and Tracy! Very lovely ladies!


You can now purchase Rio Mints at your favorite convenience/drug/candy store! If I were you, I'd get them all! They look so chic, I swear. And tasty too! Rio Mints will keep your breath sweet and fresh all day!

Mucho thanks to Patti Sunio for having me to this event! :)


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