Spotted: Kermit on Divine!

When we were at the L'Oreal Lounge during PFW, I spotted Victor Basa's beau sporting such handsome babies!

It's the Heel Less Spikes by Kermit Tesoro on Divine Lee! I wanted to steal them the minute I saw the pair! Well, I noticed it during the Premiere B show. I didn't expect to get a second peek at the L'Oreal Lounge. Let me know how you feel about the Kermit shoes. Yay or Nay?

More PFW stuff coming up!



  1. Hi trixie you should really get into modeling! Your height and look fits the job perfectly! it was awesome meeting you last sat! :)

    - iya

  2. Hi Iya! Great meeting you last weekend! Haha I will definitely push my luck on that. Keep in touch! :)