Wild About ... BIEBER!

To all the crazy Beliebers who will be reading this post: If ever you find anything here that is offensive to the world of the Beliebers, NO I WILL NOT SAY SORRY FOR THAT. I like Justin Bieber's songs, but I don't have a huge tweeny crush on him. He's an awesome artist- that's what I can say.

MNL got Bieber Fever two days ago and I tell you, it was WILD.

Tweens all over the metro mobbed (no kidding) MOA to see Justin Bieber groove live.

I was there to witness everything- the awesome songs, the great dance numbers, and the screaming fangirls! I stayed at the scaffolding the whole time to do my "work". Good view, bad acoustics. All I can hear are the die hard Beliebers. Oh, and I think I heard the phrase "We love you Justin!" 9,000 times. Ok, enough of the talk. I'll let the photos and videos do the storytelling (and some sentences ahoho).

Poreotics (winners from America's Best Dance Crew) opening for JB.


Justin's countdown!




Singing acoustics!



And the part that everyone waited for... ONE LESS LONELY GIRL! Honestly, they could have gotten a "cuter" girl.


Super fash guitarist- he's wearing Commes des Garcon PLAY! I love it!


Bye Baby Bieber!

Despite the ton of work that I had to do that night, I still had an awesome time. A note to concert producers- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't use chairs anymore. If it's a pop/rock concert, let the people stand- from SVIP to General Admission! It's better that way. :) Thank you Biebs (shucks we're so close) for a great night! Hope you get well!


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