Thinking Twice is Thinking Nice

By default, every girl’s sport is “shopping”. We all love to wake up early whenever there’s a sale, jump into our comfy yet chic outfits, and sprint to the stores and grab items as fast as possible. We do it better than our usual jogging routine, or even a 360 workout at the gym. At a blink of an eye, we know what item is available in whatever store. We know which pair of shoes goes well with what piece of clothing. And we definitely know what color matches and what doesn’t. It’s who we are!


But even though that skill is imbibed in every girly girl’s genes, we still face certain decisions – big and small. Personally, I always encounter shopping problems in the financial department. Not that I don’t have a budget, but I think its better if you get the item for a very good price. I know we would all want to have branded or designer clothes that cost a fortune. But there are pieces that look exactly the same as the ones in designer stores (not knockoffs though), without the hefty price tags. Those low-priced items have the same quality as the expensive ones, too. So it will really make you think, which one to get?

Having repetitive dilemmas like this, I’ve created a (sort-of) vow to always think twice before making purchases. Every time I go shopping, I will never let my wallet cry without having to sacrifice quality. It’s the same idea that Charmee is encouraging us girls. Thinking twice and making smart choices aren’t so hard, so we should do it every time we are facing a challenge.

Charmee’s line of products are very great examples of quality without shelling out a lot of money. You get so much value for good feminine hygiene as compared to other brands. Charmee’s Breathable Pantyliner, has a soft cotton cover and breathable backsheet that allows air to circulate- keeping you fresh and clean all day. The best part is, it’s only Php 1.15 per liner! Definitely a better value for a great choice.

See? This is what us girls/women want in our lives. There’s nothing wrong with thinking twice, because it’s actually nice! So, think twice and make a smart choice for your chic self. Think Charmee!

Charmee Breathable Pantyliner is available in three variants, Unscented, Lavender, and Deodorizing Green Tea.

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