More Thai Food!

I strolled around Bangkok to shop, shop, and shop some more. But of course, food stayed on my mind! Here are some of the stuff that I tried while shopping around malls and discount places:

Weird food from KFC

I don't mean to offend the Thai KFC people (or Thai people in general) but I don't know what this dish is called. I can say that it has chicken, some sort of sea algae, onions, and hell lot of chili. I wasn't able to finish this because it's too spicy. My tummy cooked up a revolution after a few spoonfuls of this. Don't worry, I'll try to know the name of this dish when I go back.


Red Mango Yogurt Ice Cooling in Lychee and Strawberry

I know this isn't "legit" Thai food but the Red Mango in Thailand has a lot more yogurt variants than the Red Mango in Manila. This one is their Ice Cooling variant- yogurt blended with ice and flavor. Tastes like super thick sorbet. It's yummy and very refreshing! You can find Red Mango at the second building (Zone 3) of Platinum Fashion Mall.


Vegetable and Shrimp Dumpling

I love shrimp dumplings as much as I love Tom Yum and chili crabs, and chicken wings so I gave in for this dish. Although the wrapper is a bit odd. Imagine green leafy veggies and shrimp wrapped with sticky sweet glutinous rice with a sweet-tangy soy dip. Hmmm..


Thai Chicken Rice

 Similar to the Hainanese Chicken Rice in Singapore, the Thai Chicken Rice is good too! The chicken meat is full of flavor, plus the rice is yummy! The only difference is the sauce. With Hainanese you get ginger, chili, and soy. With Thai, you get soy with dried chili. Still nommy, indeed!


Mango Sticky Rice

A lot of people have been raving about this dessert. The mango is very sweet and I like it but with sticky rice? Hmmm... not so much. It felt like eating mangoes with cooked rice. (I don't like that sorry :s) If the rice was like the local suman (very very sticky rice), I would've downed this baby in a jif.


Have you tried these Thai dishes? Which one is your favorite?



  1. Mango sticky rice looks lovely. You know for me, the more spicy the more I enjoy although at times this does cause some tummy discomfort.

  2. I'm curious about the KFC meal you had. I missed out on eating in Bangkok's KFC!

  3. its weird and spicy! Try it when you go back :)