Spicy + Yummy = Somboon

Even before I left MNL, a lot of people have been telling me to eat at this place that serves awesome awesome seafood. While in transit going to this resto, I was hoping that they don't disappoint because 1.) I love seafood to the moon and back and 2.) Tom Yum is part of my "Great Dishes To Eat" list (Tom Yum has shrimp. Shrimp is seafood). Someone heard my prayer, they do serve gooood foooood!

We visited the Ratchada branch of Somboon Seafood. It's right beside the MRT Huay Kwang station so you definitely won't get lost going here.

We decided to try some of their bestsellers:

Seafood Fried Rice - its like our traditional Yang Chow minus the oil surplus. Yummy!


Tom Yum Goong - I LOVE TOM YUM! Their Tom Yum was spicy and sour enough to make me finish the whole rounded-bowl thing. It had everything I like - shrimp, mushroom, lemongrass, cilantro, and the overly spicy prik pon (grounded Thai Chili).


Minced Beef in Chili and Vegetables - this dish is intense. They should serve this with a sign that says, "CAUTION: HOTTER THAN MEGAN FOX." Lol jk! For me, you can skip this one. The beef is good at first bite but after a few spoonfuls, you can't savor the beef flavor anymore because of the chili.


Fried Curry Crab - OMG I can have these any time, any day, every day!!! Even K (the shrimp & crab hater) loves this one!! The crabmeat was divine!!


Somboon Seafood is a must-try for foreigners on their first day in Bangkok. This can be your introductory meal of Thai food to your palate. Thai food is very strong, you know. So I suggested you don't dig in to the spicy stuff pronto, take it slow. If you're going to Bangkok anytime soon, put Somboon on your must-try list!


Somboon Seafood

Ratchada Branch: 167/9-12 Huai Khwang Intersection, Ratchadapisek Road, Din Daeng, Bangkok

*Take the MRT and go down the Huai Khwang station, then exit at Number 1.


Oh gosh, I'm craving for Tom Yum right now. Ngrfff.