McThai Lovin'

During my almost 1-week stay in Bangkok, I've had breakfast, lunch, and dinner where they serve yummy McGoodness! Yup, I tried McDonald's- Thai style. I have this habit of making sure that I try the food at McDonald's to wherever country I go too. It's fun comparing Mickey D food all over the globe.

My first dose of McThai food is for breakfast on our second day. Their breakfast menu is very similar to Filipino McDonald's.

On the table:

Hash Brown + Big Breakfast: scrambled eggs, sausage patty, muffins, jam


Sausage Egg McMuffin


After strolling at Wat Pho temple, we grabbed lunch at the nearest Mickey D spot: Old Siam Center.

Here's what I ate:

Double Big Mac burger

It has double beef mingles (they call their patties, mingles) and lots of green leafies and cheese.

Its so yummy! Their burgers are more flavorful and tasty. Mmmmmm.

And here's what we got for dinner:

McChicken Burger and Spicy McWings with fries - their fries taste a bit sweet. They also serve two kinds of ketchup: American and Tomato. The American one is like Heinz, and the tomato one is like... Del Monte. Their wings are VERY (x99999) spicy. I didn't finish them. I felt so defeated. :(


I love love love McThai food! They're so flavorful and spicy. The spice was similar to thai chili (prik pon) so every bite reminds you that you are in amazing Thailand. Kap Khun Ka, McThai! I will go back for you.


More thai food posts coming up!





  1. I miss Thailand! I like that in their McDo they have chili sauce packets too!

  2. I loooove their sweet chili sauce!!!