Chic Dining at 2nd's

I've been hibernating around Bonifacio Global City (BGC) for a long time already and it's such a shame that I haven't tried eating a full meal at 2nd's. It's always drinks and cocktails for me whenever I go there because that place gives off a cozy vibe. Good thing Richard and Irene dropped by for a quick chitchat so we decided to eat lunch at 2nd's.

We were greeted by the big big and heavy wooden door and 2nd's specials for today.

What welcomed us inside are leather chairs, interesting art deco, and vintage shelf displays.

The greatest contributor to the cozy ambiance of 2nd's is the lighting. It's a bit gray when you enter, but you'll love the feel of it. Despite the location of the restaurant being the center of the sun spotlight, they managed to let only little light in by shutting down the blinds. Don't be fooled by my photos. We had flash!


First on the table was their complimentary sweet potato chips with grated cheese. We had too much fun with those chips so no one really got a photo of it (I think). Of course, we had to have their famous Truffle Mac N' Three Cheese. It was heaven in a bowl - tube pasta drowning in Truffle oil, Emmenthal, Cheddar, and Blue cheese with potato crisps on top.

The mac was really really good, but I think not every single person will like it. The truffle oil is very strong; you'll feel it on your nose once you take a bit. So I don't know if that's good or bad. You tell me.


Irene had Lamb Caldereta (a Filipino dish) but no photo fail. I can say the Caldereta was good. The lamb meat is very flavorful. Richard ordered the Cheesesteak sandwich. Never got to try it, but it looked yummy.


I got to try some of the Beef Rib Adobo that Carlos ordered. IT. WAS. DIVINE. (Lee. Chos.)

Adobo is a Filipino style of cooking wherein you cook meat with soy sauce, vinegar, oil, and loads of garlic. I had no words when I gobbled up the beef rib meat. I will punch whoever says that 2nd's Beef Rib Adobo sucks. I'm serious.


And as for me, I had the Red Horse Fish and Chips. I'm fond of eating fish and chips dishes so I wanted to try 2nd's take on it, plus the batter had booze.

Each bite that I took from the humongous slab of fish had a hint of Red Horse. The fries were good, too. Similar to the taste of the KFC fries, sans the sogginess. This dish can actually feed two people so if you're planning to visit 2nd's and share meals, you can get this entree.


I headed out with a full and satisfied stomach, so this place gets a thumb from me. Their menu price is reasonable so it's really perfect for small group gatherings.

I'll pretty much go back and take on their Beef Rib Adobo.