Everything's Full Today

Today's quite a handful for me: made some decks, shot a short spiel, and headed to a meeting/interview. I'm really looking forward to the 4-day weekend because I am assuming (and really really expecting) to receive only a few e-mails from people. So, a full day for me.. this calls for a full skirt! I wore a full skirt for today's hump day Wednesday. This piece is so versatile, I already used this as a full dress and it still covered my entire legs.

I love how it made me look soooooo tall. The skirt was flowy, too. In fact, it was too flowy that I had to hold it whenever I walk. That made me look like I was going to Prom! Lol

I forget to take a photo of how I did it as a full dress. Next time!

vintage lace top | maxi skirt (Zara)

slip-on platforms (Forever 21)

accessories (Forever 21)

 I'll use this skirt as a pattern for the maxi skirts that I'll have made in a few weeks! I hope the trend doesn't die too soon.


Thank you Denise for taking my photos :)


  1. I LOVE maxis, I can't believe I did not get one for myself yet!!! :(

    I like your whole outfit, i can wear them all!

  2. get na!! I'm planning to have some made because its really hard to find a nice maxi :)

  3. You look so pretty Trixie! Nice palette :)

  4. thank you! been so long :)

  5. My master loves this!! Oh and she said you're welcome! <3