Chic Frocks at Glory Boxx

There are days when you feel like scouring the mall floors just to find a good piece of clothing to add to your closet but you're too lazy to kick your butt off the comfy bed. Most of the time when I experience this, I end up doing online shopping. Online shopping isn't so bad, but it becomes boring when almost every other online seller offers the same thing. Good thing I discovered one of online shopping's pot-of-gold-at-the-end-of-the-rainbow, GLORY BOXX!

What makes Glory Boxx awesome is that it has a shopping cart feature wherein you can just click click click and click the items that you want to purchase, sums up your bill, and you pay for it! Pretty much how they do it in the first world.

If you want chic and lovely pieces, Glory Boxx has 'em- from dresses, frilly tops, to party wear. Don't you worry, Glory Boxx pieces won't eat up your wallet. Cross my heart! Here's a peek of what they offer:

The sexy babes at Glory Boxx sent me a special boxx with a surprise piece! I'm still playing with it, but here's a preview. I LOVEEEEET! I'm playing around with the piece so watch out for my take on it!


Glory Boxx is now ON SALE! Visit their Facebook page and their website for diamond finds! Their first collexxion is up on their virtual shelves, so make sure you don't miss out!





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