Charlotte Olympia F/W 2011 is TDF

High heels and platform pumps make me squeee like a little girl receiving a shiny box full of Lisa Frank stickers. (I know you also went gaga over them when you still had pigtails on!) All the heeled shoes that I wear have platforms, or else they just don't make the cut. I think my feet was "designed" to wear platform heels, because if I wear ones without platform, my feet will throw tantrums and not walk properly in less than 10 minutes. TRUE STORY. Good thing that my feet love platform heels, because my eyes do too! I believe that platform heels give that extra G to the O-M in every outfit reaction. Yes yes, right?

I went on a little online shoe spree days back, and came across some pumps from Charlotte Olympia. I clicked and clicked and ended up seeing their Fall/Winter 2011 collection. It's called TDF (To Die For) well, because, the shoes really are to die for! And 90% of the collection are platform pumps. TDF x 9999!

Here are my top picks from the collection:

This pair is a stunner. Versatile, too!

Kitty whiskers + red suede = Sasha Fierce. PAK!

I'd like to call them bipolar shoes.

The other pieces from the F/W11 collection:

So much pretty pumps!! I can actually swim in a pool full of them and be a happy camper.

For the Fall/Winter collection, Charlotte Olympia took notes and ideas from Agatha Christie books, hence the drama and glamour! Here's the short film they made to actually introduce the shoes to racks and stores.

Now I can't wait to have my own lovely pair! Which one is your best pick from Charlotte Olympia's latest collection?


  1. Love the ones with the striking colours but will do away with the very high ones.

  2. i love the bright ones! definitely a refresher amongst the monochromatic colors for fall