Advanced Happy Birthday to Wild About Retail!

YAAAAAY! Since this blog is turning 1 this coming Thursday, I decided to give it a new look! *throws hamsters and kitties all over*

Not really related. I just wanted hamsters and kitties on my entry.

I'm not yet done with the little details, I'll get back on those things tomorrow.

Whaddyathink whaddyathink?? Share it to me! :)

A big thank you to Kisty for making my blog! Visit her blog, she has so many cutie patootie posts and pieces!


  1. Advance happy birthday to WAR!!! :D Yes i know, you made it eh!!! :3

  2. OMG, your theme is so pretty. And advance happy birthday to WAR (lol, hahaha)


  3. Hi Trixie! You are so pretty!