Nothing but your t-shirt on!

Got this shirt in Bangkok and I never really got to wear it! So when I woke up one morning, I decided to pull this out of my closet and throw it in. When I got to my work table, I plopped down my seat, and everyone asked me if I went home last night. I was like, what?? Then someone had to break the idea to me in the most 'inappropriate' way...

"It's the after-*bleep* shirt!!"


Just great.

I couldn't blame them, though. My polo shirt is a bit big for my body size so it looks like it really belongs to someone else.


boyfriend polo (Flip) | braided belt (Forever 21) 


If you've noticed on my other entries, I've worn different kinds of boyfriend polos/polo shirts. I just looooove wearing them. It's very comfy plus you can juggle casual and formal looks with that piece. Definitely won't regret if I buy more and stock my closet with boyfriend shirts! Plus, if some '"one" sleeps over, he can borrow one... Chos hahaha :)


 gray pumps (Forever 21)


 silver necklace & rings (Forever 21)


  1. You look like a model! Love your sense of style. The braided belt, I think I have one in gold from Genevieve Gozum (got it for only P75!). :)

  2. omg thank you :) wow nice! my braided belt came in free with the jumpsuit that I got from F21

  3. Love it!! You can definitely carry any clothing! Ganda, ganda! :)

  4. Mahirap ba maglakad pag suot mo un shoes?


  5. Hmmm di naman. Comfy for me! :)