JB Music & Sports FINAL SALE

The Historical Himig Lakas Sale has been extended yet again! They're still giving 45% off on all items in stores until the end of the month! Some items are also marked at 70%off! This is the last week for the sale so this is your last chance to get the items you need or want at such a big discount. Hurry and visit a JB Music branch today before all of the items run out. Sugod!

M-Audio Pro Tools Vocal Studio - Need a quick way to record your vocals? This is the right item for you! It comes with an M-Audio USB Condenser Microphone plus a version of Pro Tools, all the items you need to produce quality recordings at an affordable price.

Suzuki Electric Guitar Package - Who says learning to rock out is expensive? This Electric Guitar Bundle comes fully equipped with all the things you need in order to start your road to becoming the next biggest thing in music!

LP 45th Anniversary Conga - Do the Conga! This 45th Anniversary Conga from LP is really hard to ignore. With its size, color and shape plus the foot shaking beats that comes out of it, this beautiful masterpiece of percussion gets everyone dancing!

M-Audio Oxygen 61 - In need of a good controller? The M-Audio Oxygen 61 boasts of its amazing capabilities and good looks! Go check it out for yourself because believe me, nothing beats giving it a real test-drive!

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