Pouncing on desserts!

Last weekend, I took another trip to Enderun Colleges at McKinley Hill to conquer my favorite challenge: DESSERT BUFFET!! Actually it was Enderun's Pastry demo, but more about that on the next post. Here's what I wore:

tube top (Topshop) | skinny jeans (Forever 21) | satchel (Frances Sales)

I forgot to make a mental note that I should have worn something roomy, perhaps a maxi dress. So after the buffet, I had a hard time sucking in my tummy for the photos.

bib necklace (Bangkok)


mary janes (Forever 21)

I'm getting a hang of these pumps. They're so comfy! Plus, it's animal print. WHO THE F SAYS NO TO ANIMAL PRINT. I do hope I could find more shoes like these.

I'll tell more you about the dessert buffet on my next post!


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