Open Letter to the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)

Dear Mr. Person who delivers the BPI cards and/or Ms. BPI Hotline 89-100,

Hello, I hope you had a wonderful Friday. If you ask me, I certainly did not have a good one.

Why so? Because for the longest time I have been waiting for the delivery of my credit card. Yup, it's been more than 2 weeks and my card hasn't arrived yet. You see, I've been trying to schedule a delivery on December 9. At first, you said "NO. WE CAN'T." But after another request, you said "OK. WE CAN." So I expected that you will deliver on December 9, 2011 between 10am to 6pm.


But let's rewind 2 days back. Wednesday, you dropped by the office and I wasn't there. Thursday, it was a city holiday but you still dropped by. Our Accountant even told you to drop by on FRIDAY because for sure, I will be there. Friday, which is today, you did NOT arrive. I made a request (I even have a report number here) for my card to be delivered on this very specific day. You managed to drop by on a holiday, but not on a working day? WHAT KIND OF SORCERY IS THAT????

I made another request to have my card delivered on Monday, December 12. If my card doesn't show up, BANK BRANCHES WILL EFFING BURN AND BANK MANAGERS' HEADS WILL EFFING ROLL. I know I live in the Philippines, and usually deliveries are late, but ask the bloggers that I work with and they will say that I deliver the stuff they need, even at 11:00 PM. So you can't give me an excuse that there was some sort of rain or a group of goats in the middle of the road that's why you weren't able to deliver my card. Come Monday, I swear to my glass of holy milk I will hit your face with an iPad. No, iPad 2.

Hope you have a great weekend, because that is the last weekend that you will EVER EVER experience.



A pissed-off (x99999999) consumer



  1. I used to rave their services but lately, my billing statements are also all late. With your card delivery, I think their subcon is Pelican???

  2. Already got my card, thank god. I think you can view your statement via BPI Express Online

  3. Hi, Trixie!

    Happy new year!!

    Do you know what's the courier? I called their customer service and they say the courier is not indicated on their record. All they now is that it will be delivered to my home address. I wanted to know the courier so that i can make a follow up on their local branch. They said it was sent out last Dec. 19, have not received it until now..with all the might take longer and considering i'm from bacolod!! Thanks in advance!

  4. Happy New Year Leucia!

    I forget the courier, but it's International *something something* (yes I am useless lol). Yeah it's actually hard to track where your card is because it's with the courier and not with BPI anymore. The 89-100 is quite useless, I must say. Hope your card arrives before Chinese New Year!

  5. Thanks for the idea! haha...hopefully, I get it within the next 2 weeks, i'll be out of town by then and having a cc on hand can be convenient!lol

  6. just one more question, trix (i hope you don't mind me call you trix..hehe) did the courier ever try to contact you maybe by mobile phone when you were no there? or all of the request was made over their customer service number? thanks again!

  7. it's okay, everyone calls me that :) nope, they didn't. all the requests that I made were via 89100.