Brown Bag Vintage & Crafts Market

As a little girl, I loved making small crafts using scrap lying around the house. Back then, I would usually go to my Mom's room and get whatever I can find (a.k.a. almost everything in her room), decorate my things with it, and parade it around my classroom the next day. Sigh, I miss those days when I have so much time making pretty little things!!

Hopefully this second week of December, I have free time to reminisce the good old scrappy days and attend the Brown Bag Vintage & Crafts Market!


On December 9, Brown Bag Events Management is holding a Vintage & Crafts Market at Filipinas Heritage Library, Ayala Triangle. There's storytelling, papercut art, shoe design workshop, accessory making, and so much more!!

What's awesome is that ENTRANCE IS FREE!! Anyone can come and enjoy!

Hope to bump into you guys there!

For more information, visit Brown Bag's Facebook Page or contact 0923-7388164.

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