Happy Lemon at Bonifacio High Street!

I often crave for milk tea, usually in the afternoon when my body needs a good dose of sugar and milk. Thing is, I hibernate at Bonifacio High Street... AND THERE IS NO MILK TEA PLACE HERE. Yeah sure, there are around 2 milk tea shops near the area but sometimes I don't feel like walking a mile or two just to get a cup. I'm trying to save my fats here, people! So I have been wishing for a milk tea place here, right smack in the middle of High Street.

Finally, the holy cows heard me! Guess what milk tea place opened today in Bonifacio High Street...

YES, HAPPY LEMON HAS ARRIVED IN BONIFACIO HIGH STREET! No more hassle trips to far-flung milk tea places!

Happy Lemon is just right beside JBL, and very near Krispy Kreme. Told you, right smack in the middle of High street!

The place is a bit cramped, though. There are only a few tables (around 2-3) so you really can't hangout there all the time. But whatever, they serve good milk tea!

Brought the girls along to try their Rock Salt & Cheese variants. We got the Green Tea with Rock Salt & Cheese and Cocoa with Rock Salt & Cheese.

For those who haven't tried Happy Lemon yet, you have to get the Green Tea with Rock Salt & Cheese. It's very very yummy! Love how the cream has this sweet and salty vibe into it - especially when incorporated well to the Green Tea drink.

I know everyone's happy drink is milk tea! So if you're around the Bonifacio High Street area, do drop by Happy Lemon and grab a good cup of milk tea! As the Happy Lemon tagline says, "Happy Everyday!"



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