Nine Loves

Here are 9 things that I totally love:

9. I love my pup, Potato. Ever since she came into my life, it's been one crazy ride. You know what they say about having a dog is like a step closer to having a baby? It's almost true.

8. For most girls, diamonds are their best friends. Or jewelry? For me, I would definitely say shoes. Don't you dare question my love for shoes.

7. I love to listen to music and blast them out loud- especially during lazy afternoons.

6. When I was a little girl, my parents would always bring me along to their travels. I would be so amazed with the things I saw, taste, and experience!

5. I'm one of those people who HATE to diet. You know, people should just eat. If I can run a campaign for making everyone eat whatever food they want, I'd gladly do it!

4. I love geeks! Not that I fancy boys wearing specs or what, but I love learning information from them.

3. Heck, I'm joining the bandwagon. I cannot express more about my love for prep boys. They're just absolutely darling to my eyes.

2. They say a lot of people come and go in your life- and only a few stay. Those are the ones that I treasure the most, and most definitely have an awesome time with!

1. For whatever H stands for (Ham, Hermes, History, etc.), I love that letter.

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