We Have A Vegetable For A Pet

Not literally, though.

Two years ago, we received a tiny bundle of joy that came with four legs. We got a tiny Pomeranian furball pup, and it came to us as a surprise. I sneaked her inside the house one night, and the rest is history. Now, I have been dethroned as our family’s princess by a furniture-gnawing pup named Potato.

Potato at 4 months

Yup, we named her after a vegetable that can be mashed.

I originally wanted to name her Soup (because I had hipster tendencies then) but then my mom protested, and she thought Pepper was more suitable since she had pepper-colored fur.

So during our name-calling run, we tried calling her Pepper to see if she’s going to respond to it immediately.

Mom (to yaya): Pangalan niyan Pepper. Kunin mo na siya, pakainin na natin.
Yaya: Pee-per! Pee-per!
Mom: Ay, panget pala pag tinawag siya ng yaya. Wag na Pepper!

Chaka daw ang Pepper, so we had to go with another name. A friend suggested Potato, and it got stuck in our heads since then. 

Potato is currently our family’s pride and joy, our lives’ main source of entertainment, and my enemy in bed. Well, in most things. Don’t get me wrong, I love her to bits! I cried when she got confined in the pet hospital. Although sometimes she annoys the hell out of me. She dethroned me from my royal chair, so I have the right to be annoyed, right? J Plus I swear, she’s such a brat. A spoiled brat with shiny fur!

One time, I was in bed sleeping and Potato was just lazing around on the floor. My mom went inside my room to tell me she’s out going shopping. As she was about to leave, she told me to take care of Potato.

Mom: Alis ako.
Me: Ok!
Mom: Hoy alagaan mo yang kapatid mo! Aliwin mo yan! Alam mo naman yan madali madepress kaya kelangan matuwa siya! Laruin mo siya!
Me: K..

Potato = 1. Me = 0

During breakfast..
Me: Ang hirap matulog kagabi!! Tinapakan ako ni Potato sa tummy! Tapos nihigaan pa ako sa mukha! Sa ulo! Tapos nihila comforter ko.
Mom: Hayaan mo na yung baby natin.

Huhuhuhu. Potato = 2. Me = 0

Mom (to dad): Naghihintay ang baby ko! Himayan mo siya ng food.
Dad (while chopping up food for Potato): Kamahalan, eto na po ang pagkain ninyo!

Potato = 3. Dad = 0

Mom: Wag mong pagurin si Potato! Pag aakyat siya sa stairs, bitbitin mo siya.
(Mind you, Potato is considered obese, so she weighs like a half sack of rice. For a Pomeranian, she’s hella fat.)

Potato = 4. Me = 0

Potato was nudging me to give her a head massage. I wasn’t minding her because I was busy texting someone. So she howled for attention.
Mom: Hoy ano ka ba, massage mo siya!
Me: Eeeh nagtetext ako! Wait lang!
Mom: Haynako yang ka-text mo makakahintay. Yung baby ko hindi!
Me: Fine. (gives Potato a massage)

Potato = 5. Me = 0

Even if she’s so bratty, I can’t resist her anyway. She knows how to do the “puppy eyes” especially when she’s begging for something. She also knows how to communicate with us when she wants to do something. Bright dog, right?

How can you resist this face???

She’s also a very very sweet pup. She never forgets to give me a kiss every morning, and she loves cuddling. She’s very expressive about her love for us, so we really don’t mind her princess attitude.

I love her, and she's my favorite vegetable!

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