Yakult Everyday, Every Day OK!

To all the 90's babies out there (or even earlier babies), please raise your right hand if you know what this is!


For 21 years, I have been waiting for this opportunity! I was part of the lucky group who were toured to the mecca of cultured milk- the Yakult production plant!


The Yakult Lactobacilli Mascot who greeted us, with some of the tour girls - Joanne, Nikki, Rowena, and Sophie.


The whole Yakult-making process was explained to us in an interesting way. We were toured to their sort-of viewing decks of their sugar and syrup tanks, lactobacilli seeding, materials mixers, and bottling/packaging. Everything was done in a clean manner! My two oogly eyes can testify that the Yakult you've been drinking ever since is 5,000% clean!

Look at all those small bottles! It looked like... EDSA on a Friday night. Did you know that Yakult can help your body prevent from getting diarrhea? AWESOMESAUCE. Oh and by the way, there's no suggested maximum amount of Yakult intake. Heck, you can even drink 20 Yakult bottles all at the same time!

After seeing how Yakult is done, we were led to a function room where they demo the plant's processes, and display the different Yakult products.


They have all sorts of Yakult stuff!! Here's the smallest Yakult- only 65ml! The Yakult that you see in Manila groceries are 80ml ones.


There are Yakult with fruit juices and coffee


There's Yakult Ace Light


This is Soful- Yakult in yogurt form


There's Yakult 400- the kind that contains an intense amount of Lactobacilli


Yakult in different aluminum cap colors!


There's Joie Yakult yogurt drink


Yakult Light


Beauty products with Yakult content. HARDCORE! I wanna try these.


Other products with Yakult/Lactobacilli


Phoebe having a childhood moment with her teeny tiny Yakult!


Oh wait, I think Richard's the one having a short kiddie moment! LOL


I can say that this is one of the most awesome trips I've had since middle school days! Love the Yakult tour, but the company made it great! :)

We're doing the L thing for Lactobacilli ok.


Kids, don't forget the golden rule: ALWAYS DRINK YAKULT. It's not expensive, plus it's nom nom nommy! Grab a pack NOW.

PS: Thank you thank you to Sophie for the tour!



  1. hahahah Richard's photo is sooooooooooo funny!!!

    btw Sophie, you're blooming dear :)

  2. Richard looks like Shrek! :)

  3. We always have yakult in the ref! :)
    OK ka ba Tiyan? :)

  4. I love yakult! That's a very nice tour..

  5. Yup, we really had an awesome time!

  6. I love yakult! I also mentioned it in one of my posts here: http://mariqia.wordpress.com/2010/10/06/yakult/

    Too bad I can't find the other products in the above pictures here in the Phils..:)