Cheesy Cheerful Chumbos

Early this year, I experienced ultimate cheesy heaven in just one small bag. I discovered it when I randomly passed by the grocer's and picked up a few stuff. I saw a small orange and blue pack stacked in one of the racks along the Chips aisle. I got one bag, dumped it in the cart, and took it home for a test run.

As I opened the bag and tasted one piece with curiosity, I vowed to myself that I will get truckloads of this stuff to satiate my cheese flavor craving.

Have you seen this chip bag in supermarkets? If you do, then go back and get one.. or even a lot! This cheesy treat is called Chumbos. It's corn twirls dusted with lots and lots of cheddar and blue cheese. Looks similar to those corn twirls in a blue can (yeah, you know that brand) but taste so much better!

I seriously can't get enough of this stuff. And that's enough reason to make you hoard Chumbos! No, srsly.

If I were you, I'd get a bag and try it for myself. Mmmmmmm :)



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