Wild About Wednesday

Hurraaah! I'm starting another "segment" (I really don't know what you call this.. on blogs.) on Wild About Retail which is Wild About Wednesdays. YAAY *throws sarcastic confetti* It's like your Things I Love Thursday, but one day earlier.

Naked Crabs. I first tried it during one Club lunch at Aquaknox Makati. It's crab with all its meat unshelled, collected, and perfectly cupped right beneath the crab's body shell. This is what you order when you want to have an out-of-body experience... in your mouth.

Aquaknox is popular for this dish, because it tastes really yummy plus you don't have to get down and dirty.

I'm sure you've seen this "Drunken Baby" video over Facebook and Google+. Yes, I'd like to think that the baby here is drunk with love and happiness from whoever is taking a video of her. Look at that cutie pashmooshie face, look at it! I mean, whose heart wouldn't melt with this?! Izz zo kyooteh :3

A few days ago, I dreamt about having 2 babies. They looked like their dad (no fair!) so I named them Parappa and Kraken. I wanted my first kid to be really really cool in school so when other kids would ask why his/her name is Parappa, my kid would answer, "I'm named after a Playstation game, plus my parents wanted me to be a rapper someday." The fug!

What about Kraken, you say? Well, we named the second baby that so when the baby wants to get out of the crib, we can do this...

E he he he.


I've been doing some online shopping awhile ago and I'm going gaga over this Jeffrey Campbell Lana Platform Boot in Black Sequin. I was supposed to purchase a pair already but they don't have my size anymore. Does anyone know where I can get a pair of these JC's in size 8? Pretty please with macarons on top!

I'll be home very SOON. I can't wait to get my hands on Shake Shack burgers and sidewalk waffles! Ughh the wait is killing me.

What are you up to on this Wednesday?


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