Miss Universe 2011 Evening Gown Picks

Today's one of those days that you're having a ball since there's minimal or zero traffic on major roads. Everyone's in front of the TV because it's the super bowl of the girls and pa-girls - MISS UNIVERSE 2011!

I'm one of those who consistently watches the pageant every year. I always get amazed about the faces and the gowns! It's like Lookbook on TV. Plus, the pageant gets really exciting every time because of the rise of social media. Even if you're not watching it live, you'll know what's happening because of the play-by-play on Twitter and Facebook. Oh, social media. I love you dearly.

Anyways, here are the evening gowns that were showcased by the pretty contestants that caught my fish-like attention:

Ms. US Virgin Islands - I like the details, very modern! Reminds me of Lady Gaga's heartbeats(?) earphones


Ms. Bolivia - I like the color, but this dress isn't really striking. She looks like Princess Jasmine from Aladdin because of her gown shade and hair. And skin color.

Ms. Greece - Nevermind the dress, just look at the shoes! TO DIE FOR!!


Ms. Venezuela - sheer kung sheer. The intricacy of the details deserves 1,000 likes on Facebook!


Ms. China - If someone else wore this dress, it would look really really really bad. But props to Ms. China! She made it look so... Crouching-Tiger-Hidden-Dragon royale.


Ms. Ukraine - Her gown made her look like a goddess! It has this Greek mythology aura. I loveeeet!


Ms. Puerto Rico - isa pa to, sheer kung sheer. But the lines and the other details, AWARD! Who designed this piece? I'm gonna have one made!! Chos. I can't stop looking at this gown, it's soooooo elegant!


Ms. Peru - this number deserves a million PAKs!!! Very nice, very chic, and very Elie Saab.


Ms. Philippines - MNL REPRESENT! Again, another dress that only a pageant contestant/model/slim woman can pull off.


Ms. Angola - this dress takes the cake. PAKAK NA, AWARD PA! I love everything on this piece!!


Did you catch the pageant earlier today? Who were your bets? Share and let's chika!

By the way, congratulations to Ms. China, Ms. Philippines, Ms. Brazil, and Ms. Ukraine for garnering runner-up places! Congratulations to Ms. Angola for winning Ms. Universe 2011!

(parang close ko sila lahat hahahaha)



  1. Congrats to Leila Lopes for having won this title.

  2. Super USO yung sheer sa Miss Universe! Pati yung mullet gown, yung maiksi sa harap tapos mahaba ang train :)

  3. i know right! parang pupunta silang kasal!!!

  4. peo mas mganda tlga ang n kai mS. Venezuela long gown.... So MuCh LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!