Smart Netphone v.1 : Unboxing

I was lucky enough to be able practice my present-opening skills with the brand-spankin' new Smart Netphone 701! The review unit package came from Smart's HQ, and I was tasked to use it for a few days of my life's routine.

I'm pretty excited to have my hands on this sweet little thing since it's new to the market, plus I've never had a Smart-powered phone!

When I got the small box, I opened it immediately. Here's what I found inside:

1. Smart Netphone 701 box

2. Smart Netphone 701 unit

3. unit warranty

4. unit manual

5. charger plug

6. Smart Netphone 701 unit battery

7. earphones/microphone

8. USB/charger cord

9. Smart Buddy SIM

I already placed the battery inside the unit and currently charging it. I can't wait to document my Netphone experience and share it to you guys!

Oh btw, this phone retails for Php 9,990+! So affordable, right?




  1. Holy crap, that's cheap! I want a reviewwww cos I want to get my mom a better touchscreen phone lol.