Elements Gastrolounge: the science of yum and fun

Have you ever wondered what happened to the small bar on the third floor of Greenbelt 3 with beds in it? Yep, that bar is gone now. It got an awesome makeover though, and I was able to visit the place right before it publicly opened.

Oh yeah, it's not called Bedspace anymore. It's now known as Elements Gastrolounge.

Squished between RedBox and Yakimix, Elements Gastrolounge looks like a bright red spot amongst the gray dots. From the outside, I thought it's just a normal restaurant serving normal kinds of food. Holy crayola was I wrong!!

When Carlos and I went inside, we were greeted by the partners who owned Elements. I took my eyes for a quick spin around the place and loved the theme in a snap! Elements' peg is like.. Big Bang Theory mixed with industrial chic and a dab of scientific accents. You can see pipes all over the ceiling, brick walls, and wood panels as tables.

First thing that caught my attention: cute geeky placemats!


Even though Elements has an industrial vibe, it still exudes that cozy-pozy feel. You can actually bring your friends here and enjoy the night away. On an awesome note, they give 1+1 cocktails from 6-9pm!


They have a funky bathroom!

Erika and King (one half of the Elements partner) started bringing out their signature drinks and prized dishes. They also showed us their working menu. They're still conceptualizing the final menu material, but I think the current one deserves two thumbs up.


After this point, I've wallowed up numerous drinks that messed up my tolerance for alcohol. So please, bear with my blurry and unjust photos. The photos DO NOT make up for the quality of the food/drinks. 

First up: FOOD. My tastebuds got to test drive the following grub:

Mozza Croquettes - mozarella, potato, and bacon rolled into a ball and deep fried, served with a salsa dip. I took a bite and I enjoyed all the balls! LOL. It's the perfect crispy-on-the-outside-soft-on-the-inside appetizer.


from L-R clockwise Beef Kebab, Fried California Maki, Sisig Tacos, Honey Sesame Wings - the Fried California Maki and Sisig Tacos impressed me the most. The Sisig Tacos idea is so creative, and delicious too! I never thought that sisig (pork ear I think?) would go so well will soft pita. They also drizzled some garlic sauce to make the tacos savory. The Fried California Maki is very good. Very very goooooood. It's basically the usual combination of mango, kani, nori, and cucumber minus the rice.


I also got to try their Sakura Shrimp Pasta (vodka infused tomato cream with Sakura shrimps on linguine pasta) which by the way tasted yummy. The alcohol didn't temper the taste of the sauce. Plus there were so much tiny shrimps. I found it cute! They also served us Teriyaki Burger and Tenderloin Steak with Balsamic Vinegar. After tasting the tenderloin steak, I discovered that the powers of the balsamic vinegar can be extended to steaks!! So my lonely balsamic vinegar bottle at home will not be paired to just bread, but to steaks as well! (Sorry I don't have the photos of these dishes. My hands were too wobbly to function.)

Now next up is... WAIT. I think Elements' drinks deserve a separate entry! IT'S THAT AWESOME.

Stay tuned I'll be posting the drink entry in a jif!!




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