Red Hair Attempt #1

I've been dying to turn my hair from light brown to flaming red after I watched Rihanna's Cheers (Drink To That) video. It looked amazing on her, so I thought it might look awesomesauce with cheese on me.

PAK!! Leveling!!

After a few weeks or so, I was tiptoe-ing around the idea of dyeing my hair and shaving the bottom part off (yes, exactly like RiRi's). My friends have been pushing me my butt to the edge to do it and silly skinny me, I gave in... but only to the red hair part!!


 So yesterday I trooped to the salon and had my hair colored. My stylist didn't want to bleach it because according to him, 1.) bleaching will fck my innocent bleach-virgin hair and 2.) my current color is light brown so the red will kinda show.

KINDA SHOW?!?! That won't assure me that I will have the color that I really want! But I just said "Mmmmkay" and went on with the procedure.


At first I was scared because the hair paste/cream/whatev was pink. It eventually turned bright red after a few minutes. I felt that I won't get the exact color that I want, but I was praying that at least I'll get a good shade of red. After a good rinse and blow dry, this is how my hair turned out:

It looks Mahogany-ish with a touch of red on the front part. Waaaahlau.

And this is how it looks like after I showered this morning:

Yes, I shower at the NN HQ! Lohohol


The color is a tad bit different on the photos. I don't know why. But whatevs, I'm bleaching this baby in 2-3 weeks. I WANT THAT FLAMING RED HAIR! I'm gonna rock it and when you see me, you'll sing Oh na na, what's my name haha sorry lame joke.


  1. THIS IZ EEEET BETCH!!! So excited for yah~
    Told yah you needa go blonde first ???

  2. Do it! I've gone red, blonde, purple, orange! Kakaloka sa start and kai us kasi you have to change your makeup with each change if hair color but masaya! And it's just hair anyway so have fun with it!

  3. YES I WILL!!! :D Omggg can you post photos of your red, blonde, purple, and orange hair?? I wanna see it!!

  4. I should've listened to ya! -.- Thiz iz really eez it!

  5. Ang laki-laki, ang laki-laki
    Ang laki-laki ng bulaklak
    Ang pula-pula, ang pula-pula
    Ang pula-pula ng bulaklak
    Ang laki-laki, ang pula-pula
    Ng kulay ng bulaklak

  6. Rihanna Flaming red means bleach talaga muna. Di kakapit sa unbleached dark hair yung matingkad. On the bright side, your hair still looks good :D

  7. thank yew thank yew~! yes i shall have it bleached!! LESSON LEARNED -.-

  8. Get semi-permanent color!!! Special Effects! It's better than Manic Panic and I find that unnatural shades of red stay longer than ~natural shades~ (like auburn, copper, burgundy etc etc). When I used to use permanent color, it would fade to a brown after two weeks.

    Upkeep is a bitch, tho, lulz.

  9. Special Effects is a hair coloring agent brand right? I'll ask the sylist if he can use that!! I'll have my hair bleached next weekend. Ngrrfff I hope this time it'll come out perfect!!

  10. Yup!!! Sana meron sila. Also: can you ask where they buy toner from lulz, I'm about to order from Australia and I'm creying for my credit card -_-