Elements Gastrolounge: the science of yum and fun Pt. 2

So where was I? Oh yeah.

Elements Gastrolounge has the perfect pub/bar setup and awesome-est bar chow. What makes it a complete party hole is the drink selection. I've never seen such artistic style of serving cocktails! Only in Elements.

I tried their prized drinks. Prized, because the owners really sat down and thought about the cocktail recipes. They want to make sure that merriment is circulating in their pub at every aspect. I feel relieved because now I know a place that serves good hard (literally) drinks. Mind you, all their drinks are traitors - it will get you drunk and you don't even know how. I think that's good. It means you'll surely enjoy the taste of your cocktail without worrying about the stinky strong smell and icky taste of  hard liquor.

First drink that came out of the bar was their signature Red Iced Tea. The only drink I had that night without alcohol!

After my first sip, it's actually pretty good! It didn't taste like red iced tea from a packet that's being supplied to (insert a random Japanese restaurant name here). Perfect drink to clear your palette!

The first cocktail that I got to try was the Lychee Martini.

FYI, I'm a big fan of Lychee Martini. Sadly, I've only had TWO great-tasting, head-spinning Lychee Martinis from two bars: Embassy (circa 2006) and Republic (in Winnipeg). Now I can add Elements to the list! They serve awesome Lychee Martinis because they don't use Lychee syrup. I'm actually craving for one glass right now mmmmm.


The next drink that I tried is quite unusual - it's called Power Breakfast. The drink consists of yogurt with mango, banana liquor, and vodka, with a strip of bacon.

If you must know, I HATE bananas. I don't like eating them! I hate the taste, much more the smell. I was a bit hesitant to try this drink since it had banana liquor in it but Carlos convinced me to take one little sip. For a banana hater, it's not bad. Not bad at all. I just ate the bacon as consolation to my tastebuds.


I got to try another drink from the menu called Turbocharged. It's a flaming vodka shot that you need to plop in a wide glass of Red Horse and Red Bull mixed together.

I wasn't actually prepared when I drank this. I was preparing my camera when the server immediately dunked the shotglass inside the glass! It was good, though. But very very strong! I think this is the one that hit me in the head first.


Now this shot, I loooove! It's the Two Timer shot - two shots meant to be shared; a strong blue shot for the dude, and a (wildly) stronger shot for the chick. Pretty cool that they really make two people drink it together. I don't know what's in this thing but this one hit me the hardest!


I washed down the strong flavors of the previous shot I took with Detox - cucumber, ginger, lemon, apple liquers with gin served in a beaker.


The last shot that I tried: Kryptonite! Chocolate and mint liquers served in a test tube and Erlenmeyer flask. How awesome is this.

This shot reminds me so much of the Famous Amos chocolate mint cookies!

If you're not amazed by how the drinks are presented, or what they are comprised of, then I don't know if you are a legit living person. I've never had such great drinks!! If you think I'm BS-ing you, then go to Elements Gastrolounge and let your tastebuds decide. :)


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