Retail Of The Moment: Wah Wah Accessories

I'm going gaga over this accessory brand I found online called Wah Wah. The designs are absolutely amazing! I've never seen edgy and chic mix like this! The Wah Wah accessories are a mix of clean shapes and metals that exude contrast and balance.

The Sol Cuff: very cute!

Utu Ring - it's so sad that I can't wear connector rings that don't have adjustable hands. My fingers are too skinny to hold average sizes. Too bad this one's not adjustable! :(


Ravi Necklace


Horus Necklace - it's like an abacus on your neck.


Solo Necklace


Apollo Necklace - FAVORITE #1! The silhouette is just to die for. My neck is craving for this piece!!

Titan Necklace - FAVORITE #2!! I have a special place in my heart for chunky and gigantic accessories.


You can find the other pieces from the Wah Wah collection here.



  1. Love the accessories! Too bad hindi ko ata carry yan read: di age appropriate hahaha