10 For Twenty-Two

At first, I thought turning 22 is just like any ordinary day- nothing special unlike turning 18 or 21. I never knew that it would make so much impact in my life. Maybe because of the things that happened during the day I turned 22? I don't know. But whatever, I'm 22 now. I'm embracing my age and going to make a lot out of another year that I have been blessed with.


For my 22nd year in this world, I will TRY to accomplish ten things. Just something to make my life extra-exciting! So, here they are..

Dear 22-year-old self, please accomplish the 10 things below:

1. Avoid bad hangovers. Missing a flight because you are eternally drunk isn't cool, really. And celebrating your 21st birthday with a very very bad hangover while trying to redeem the car you left at some random parking lot isn't fun. You can drink 50+ liters of hard liquor, but make sure you do not mess up anything. Cheers!

2. Travel to somewhere you've never been before. Maybe it be local or international, go travel. Open your mind to somewhere you've never set foot.

3. Be a bigger girl. Big things and challenges will come your way this year, so always play the bigger card.

4.  Always give off positive vibes. Remember the book The Secret? Law of Attraction works. If you  send good vibes, you'll attract good vibes to come to you. Good vibes makes you look younger, too.

5. Eat a lot, and eat some more. You'll never know when the world stops producing noms. So while you can still have it, eat it! And while you have it, share it.

6. Be an achiever. You don't stop achieving after graduating from university. You start a bigger scale when you get to the real world. Nothing wrong with cutting yourself some slack, but life is so much better if you're achieving so much at such a young age.

7. Take risks. I recently discovered that taking greater risks increases not only big chances of returns, but also makes you more confident. You might lose in some situations, but at least you tried, right?

8. Take photos. You know you loooooove taking photos. So, just take them! Snap away. Whether you're alone, with friends, or with your dog Potato.

9. Be awesome. The world is a place for 70 billion special and unique people. A year ago, you said you wanted to make a difference. So, how are you going to do that? Don't just stand out; be awesome.

10. Fall in love. Don't question intentions. Don't stop your feelings. This is the perfect time to love- so just let your heart do the rest.


Here's to 365 days of trying to check everything on my list, and live my life at twenty-two!


  1. Has it really been a year when I first met you (rather you were 21 that time, I think!) =) You looked so much different and you were so shy pa. You can do all those things you listed, sweetheart! Cheers to bigger, bolder and happier years ahead of you. I know you're going to succeed :) Happy birthday!

  2. Yes dear, it has been a year! I think I really need to throw out the shyness (esp with my work!) :) Thanks dear, will really try hard to accomplish all that ;)

  3. happy birthday trixie! Cheers to us eating more! hehe. kelangan yan!

  4. Those are pretty good, attainable goals! Belated happy birthday Trixie!

  5. Belated happy birthday fellow kitty! :)

  6. Yes!! EAT MOOOOORE!!!

  7. Thank you!

  8. Thanks Nina! :)


  10. Purr purr meow :) - that's Thank Yew in Kitty lol