Red Hair Attempt #2

I took a trip uptown to Podium and gave my hair another revamp. I had my fingers crossed the whole time when I was driving going to the salon, because the first attempt for my hair to turn red was a half-baked fail. I left my hair's fate to Miguel of Hairshaft, who is also Kring's stylist!

Miguel plopped me down on a comfy seat, asked me what I wanted, and went down to business. He first snipped some parts of my hair. He was actually cool; he gave inputs on what style best fits my face and character (MEGANON!!). We ended up having a shorter length on the right than on the left, and a reaaaally short bob at the back. Shorter than the bob that I always have.

After the cut, Miguel and his assistant started applying the two levels of bleach on my hair. I was shaking like a soaking wet duck.

When I saw myself in the mirror, I looked like a (insert derogatory word here) hipster dude. REALLY! Miguel could feel the tension that I was experiencing, so he gave me the best iced tea I've ever had. If Neo Day Spa has the best ginger tea, Hairshaft Podium has the best iced tea! I am not biased, I swear it's sooooo good! It has a hint of peach and some other citrus-y fruit that I cannot distinguish. Anyways, if you're going to Hairshaft, you should try their iced tea. It's free!

After half an hour of hair bleaching, it was time to put the bloody red color on my hair. I had another round of 30 minutes to wait for the red color to set, so I had another tall glass of iced tea.

I love how their products don't make your scalp sting and itch. The cream/color stuff/hair paste felt a bit cold, though.

After they rinsed the red paste, they placed treatment on my head and wrapped it with plastic wrap so that my hair will be smoother and softer. Apparently, bleach makes our hair as stiff as the hair on a horse's tail.

After the final touches, voila! I NOW HAVE AWESOME RED HAIR.

Hi I'm Trixie, I have red hair and I hang out at the NN HQ. :>

Although my dad and my dog have mixed feelings about my hair, I love it! Bend and snaps to Miguel of Hairshaft for making my hair so chic, and to Kring for introducing me to Miguel!! I think I found a new lovely hairstylist. :)


  1. WOOHOO!! Thanks love! :D

  2. You are rockin' the 'do! :) You're officially a redhead!

    Love it!

  3. it suits you :) tres chic!!!!

  4. Wow!!!! Finally! Red na red na!!! Love!!!!

  5. shala-shalahan hair lang!! haha

  6. thank yew darling!! love your blonde locks :)

  7. thank you dear!! my hair is flaming na!

  8. Pwede na ako magcosplay hahaha

  9. PRETTY! :D:D:D:D Like! Like!

    ^__^ Next time let's get retouched together!
    So happy you liked the turnout and you liked Miguel, too~

  11. YEZ YEZ!!! Let's "color" date lelz :))